This Man Won The Lottery 7 Times In The Last 2 Years (And He Left Behind His Method)

Richard Lustig appeared on all of the major TV Networks. He won everything from the State Lottery to the PowerBall multiple times. And he said the reason behind his winning was this mathematical formula he developed, proven to 100x the chances of winning.

Richard Lustig: 7-Time Lottery Winner

If you’re a big fan of the lottery, then you’ve probably heard of the guy who won it a total of seven times: Richard Lustig.

Yes, you read that right. Richard Lustig had 7 jackpot wins while most of us struggle to win even once!

We all know how tiny the chances of winning are, so how did he manage to pull it off? According to Lustig himself, those wins happened because he followed his own that he claims to have developed over many years of playing the lottery.

The Mathematical Formula Richard Used To Win

Before Richard Lustig passed away (RIP, Mr. Lustig), he created a lottery number prediction software.

His software contains a database of all past winning lottery numbers for each lottery game and runs them again a mathematical formula that generates the best number combinations based on the game, jackpot size, and date.

This video explains exactly how the software works.

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